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City of Valence
Valence, France

  • project City of Valence
  • landscape architect Axe Saône; Landscape Planning: Gautier + Conquet
  • lighting designer Agence Hutinet

Nowadays, efficient illumination of roads often has to perform several tasks and fulfil several expectations simultaneously: safety needs, energy efficiency and design quality. The Discera in the capital of the Drôme département in France is a perfect example of this.

Part of the selux range of transport luminaires, the Discera comes in three different sizes with five different high-performance reflectors. Its range of applications is almost limitless.

  • Discera is a range of low profile sustainable luminaires with exceptional quality and optimised lighting technology, ensuring visual comfort, these include state of the art freeform LED optics and high intensity discharge lamps. Discera is available in three different sizes and can be efficiently used in many applications from traffic routes to parks and amenity areas.
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