Wednesday 26 March 2014

Reduction to the essentials: Xea — the ultra-flat LED luminaire by Selux. Bringing elegance and visual comfort to offices.

This is how the absolute essence of a luminaire for offices or other workspaces looks: a minimalist housing, delicately suspended or directly mounted on a ceiling, effusing glare-free light. With the new pendant and surface-mounted Xea luminaire by Selux the converter and LED lighting technology is integrated into a profile just 18 mm high ensuring elegance, efficiency and perfect visual comfort for workstations.

Understandably, light planners and constructors prefer luminaires for offices and working environments to be as flat possible. The new pendant and surface-mounted Xea luminaires by Selux fulfil this need for minimalist design with maximum consistency using innovative LED technology. Extruded aluminium profiles form a housing just 18 mm high viewed from the side. Precisely defined edges and a flush real glass diffuser are key features of its elegant design with all system or dependent elements in die-cast aluminium. Premium white surfaces with invisible locking systems emphasise the appearance of quality.

Integrated, extremely flat converter

The Xea's ultra flat construction is made possible first and foremost by the use of a bespoke , low profile converter for its high-performance LED power supply, which enables the entire electronics unit to be integrated into the aluminium housing. Operating conditions are ideal, meaning the Xea requires no additional external converter housing. The Xea pendant luminaire uses wire suspensions with a transparent power supply cable, both of which add to its delicate appearance.

Microprisms for anti-glare protection in the workplace

Selux lighting technology in the new Xea luminaires complies with requirements for all lighting tasks in working and office environments. A lens optics system with multi-layer microprisms is located behind the glass diffuser, which reduces both direct and reflected glare (e.g. from computer screens) and ensures standards-compliant , state-of-the-art visual comfort for workstations. To coordinate and differentiate its lighting concept, Xea is available with LEDs in the light colours 3000 or 4000 Kelvin and there is a choice of direct or direct/indirect beaming variants for the pendant luminaire. Of course Xea can also be dimmed for added energy efficiency via DALI and is capable of being integrated into modern light management scenes.

March 2014

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