Monday 2 April 2012

VIVID LIGHT – Young and upcoming designers present a light installation made from airbags

Berlin, April 2012 – At Light + Building 2012, one of the world's leading trade fairs, Lighting Design students from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim will present a conceptual work about the future of light.

The young lighting designers were supported in implementing their art project by the globallighting manufacturer Selux. VIVID LIGHT was initially presented before an international public in New Yorkat the jubilee celebration of US magazine "AL – Architectural Lighting" in December 2011. Now, from 15th-20th April 2012, visitors to the trade fair in Frankfurt am Main will also get a chance to enlighten themselves about this interactive cloud made of automotive airbags.

Who better to muse about the challenges of the "Future of Lighting" and to formulate ideas on this than the next generationitself? Hansi Müller, Marketing Manager at Selux Corp. and Elizabeth Donoff, Editor-in-Chief of "AL – Architectural Lighting" magazine were the initiators of this business/student collaboration and are united on this issue. The Lighting Design students were enlisted for the project in cooperation with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul W. Schmits from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim and the Berlin head office of Selux.

For the 25th anniversary of the US specialist magazine "AL – Architectural Lighting, a trio of young designers were given the task of designing a installation on the theme of "The Future of Lighting". VIVID LIGHT was the result, created by Julia Berner, Alexander Dronka and Johannes Roloff in the space of three months, during which time they designed, planned and realised an interactive cloud of white nylon airbags, which hovers in the air over onlookers. Equipped with fans and lamps as well as interconnected sensors, the cloud forms the heartpiece of their installation. To start with, all the airbags are identical but if a visitor touches an airbag, it will inflate itself and begin to glow. Fromthis point onwards, the cloud responds to the onlookers and to itself. VIVID LIGHT renders visitors part of the installation, inviting them to test it out and play with it. The constant changes demonstrate the different qualities of the lamptypes used, for the purposes of direct comparison and as a compositional interaction. When visitors stop touching VIVID LIGHT, it returns to its initial state again. Only non-digital techniques and industrial semi-finished products wereused for the installation in order to emphasise how VIVID LIGHT only functions as a result of human intervention yet at the same time never remains constant because of this too. VIVID LIGHT and its users have a mutual need for andinfluence on one another.

"In our view, the "Future of Lighting" will be dominated less and less by technical aspects of lamps and luminaires. Effect and design vision will increasingly become the factors according to which lighting tools are selected and developed, with new technologies acting as the driving force behind this development. We believe that knowledge gained in this area will also be used with established technologies. Application, development and usability will find an equilibrium and the quality of light and its effect will gain greater attention and significance," the young and upcoming designers explained, thereby justifying their conceptual work.

Materials: 45 airbags, 45 fans, 15 sensors, 15 boards, 5 incandescent lamps, 15 halogen lamps, 19 compact fluorescentlamps, 10 LED retrofits

Team: Julia Berner, Johannes Roloff, Alexander Dronka
Supervision: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul W. Schmits, HAWK Hildesheim, Faculty of Design/Lighting Design, Hansi Müller,Marketing, Selux Corp. USA, Hédi Körmendi, Corporate Communication, Selux AG, Berlin

The VIVID LIGHT light installation will be on show from 15th to 20th April 2012 at Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main. The Higher Education Area for Architecture + Lighting Technology is situated in Building 5.1 –Dekorative Wohnraumleuchten/Decorative Luminaires for Living Spaces, Stand D91.

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