Saturday 17 March 2018

Via: Pure light – across the whole line

Linear LED luminaires merged with a track – with Via, Selux is launching a new type of luminaire that makes the popular 3-phase track and tried-and-tested lighting infrastructure even more versatile than ever. The Via offers the aesthetics of virtually bodiless, uninterrupted light lines while at the same time providing a high level of functionality with six different light distributions.

With the Via family of luminaires, Selux has developed a design that will serve to inspire light planners and designers. A track acting as the infrastructure is merged with a 36 mm-wide linear luminaire body – or rather light body to be precise since, with the Via, the luminaire diffuser is made entirely of translucent PMMA plastic with a rectangular or semi-circular cross-section. The connecting elements, also translucent and barely visible, enable linear light fixtures to be formed from luminaire modules of varying lengths without visible interruptions. As a versatile and functional design element, it can be used in various application areas such as offices, shops, galleries and even museums thanks to its six effective light distributions.

The Via combines an enticingly simple, underlying idea with Selux linear LED lighting technology competence and control electronics in a minimal size. The system comprises an extremely slimline adapter submerged entirely into the track with a flush termination which, with the integrated control device, enables system powers of up to 33 W. The actual Via luminaire modules can be locked on the adapter without any tools – Click & Light – leading to a wide range of creative application areas for planners, both for newly planned and existing track installations, combined with surface-mounted, flush-mounted or pendant standard or overhead tracks.

There are two shapes to choose from, the Via Semicircle or the Via Rectangle. Whereas the Via Semicircle has an opal diffuser with scattered directional characteristics, a practical range of different optics is available with the Via Rectangle, from an opal diffuser, microprism or monocave optics ensuring normed UGR 19 for office workspaces, to precision LMO light-modulation optics with symmetrical, asymmetrical or wallwasher characteristics.

Due to the availability of these premium-quality optics, the Via is a system that planners can use both to attain the architectural effect of an uninterrupted, virtually bodyless light line as well as making it an effective tool for aesthetic and functional lighting – and in the minimum of installation time too. With wallwasher optics, for example, the Via forms a solution for the lighting of vertical surfaces and attains an extremely high level of uniformity where distances between wall and luminaire are minimal. For the lighting of exhibitions in galleries or museums, asymmetrical LMO provides pleasantly gentle, tapered emphasis of the wall area at eye level where exhibits are generally located. In a shared office space however, extremely flexible, elegant but at the same time ergonomic workstation lighting can be attained with tracks plus the Via with Monocave optics.

Behind the Via’s premium quality PMMA light diffuser is a luminaire body made of torsion-free aluminium profile. It is available in the light colours 3000 K and 4000 K – each in CRI90 high colour rendering quality, with modules in four lengths 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm and 1800 mm. The Via adapter module also comes as a DALI version. With such a wide choice of options, the Via comprises an innovative system that supplements track-based lighting solutions with normed workspace illumination, asymmetrical vertical and homogeneous general lighting. Pure light – across the whole line.

March 2018

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