Sunday 13 March 2016

Trigo – Pole-top luminaire

Three light distributions for sustainable urban lighting and timeless simplicity

The Trigo pole-top luminaire combines a timeless, elegant design with efficient technology ensuring optimal lighting for pathways, pedestrianised areas, and parks. With three light distributions and optional Comfort Optic for extra visual comfort, Trigo can be used for a wide range of light planning applications in urban areas.

Selux´ Trigo sees the launch of a highly efficient, low-cost exterior LED luminaire that is suitable both for upgrading existing lighting systems and as a new installation in the widest variety of urban environments. Needless to say, the luminaire meets the criteria for protection class IP65 and can be installed directly onto standard poles. The three available directional characteristics cover a wide range of application areas – besides the variant for symmetrical 360 degree illumination, there are two asymmetrical variants for roadways and squares, the latter of which radiates over a particularly wide area.

Each of the three variants is available in two light colours – 3,000 K and 4,500 K – for a choice of a warmer or cooler urban look. These multiple variants enable variegated lighting requirements and a consistent design – a strong argument in the Trigo’s favour.

Proven lighting technology – developed by Selux
For each of its directional characteristics, Selux has developed a special, self-contained light module comprising LEDs, reflectors and installation unit. This integral system combines a high level of visual comfort in the form of excellent anti-glare properties with maximum efficiency enabling these light modules, which radiate directly downwards only, to attain a system efficiency of more than 100 lumens per watt.

Comfort Optic for particularly homogeneous light
All variants can optionally be equipped with the Comfort Optic. This transparent, spherical diffuser with a special prismatic structure distributes light energy across the entire light exit area, generating a homogeneous, soft glare-free light, making it ideal for situations such as residential areas where a particularly high level of visual comfort are essential.

Programmable power adjustment
LED control technology by Selux makes an important contribution to the lowering of energy consumption. Trigo luminaires are switchable and dimmable via a DALI interface. Further control options are also available such as phase-controlled half-night switching or power-reduced operation with up to five adjustable dimming settings.

Durable in all respects
As with all Selux luminaires, with the design of the Trigo, great importance has been placed on a long service life. The housing is made of coated, die-cast aluminium while the light modules can simply be replaced when re-quired. And because Selux saves measurement data and documents for all LED luminaires with respect to light colour, luminous flux and power for the sake of quality assurance, luminaire components can be reordered with the same configuration.

Sustainable design
The design language of the Trigo is another important factor in its longevity. The combination of geometrical basic shapes – a circular plate for the luminaire body and a triangle for its dual-arm connection – lends the design of the Trigo a certain timelessness. As a result, it is capable of blending superbly into all urban architectural environments where looks to be precisely what it is – a highly efficient, highly economical yet extremely durable luminaire.

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