Sunday 15 April 2012

Selux at Light und Building 2012 | INTERIOR innovation

Berlin, April 2012 – At the world's leading trade fair for light and architecture, lighting manufacturer Selux will this year use the title of "EVOLUTION" for the first time in launching new products with the "Efficient Design" development focus. Minimalist M36 LED linear modular system designed by Selux.

According to Klaus-Peter Siemssen, President of the Board of Selux AG, Berlin, "With the M36, the aim was to develop a modular light kit aligned consistently to the issues of energy efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics. In this way, a linear system based on LED technology was created, for which a special form of light guidance known as LightModulation Optics (LMO) has been developed," Mr Siemssen explained. The light system, which is just 36 mm wide and based on the modular light kit principle, is available in a very wide range of different models. And with just a few basic profiles, high-efficiency LED boards and specially developed optics, it is capable of covering a particularly wide range of application areas. Compatibility with the EUTRAC® circuit track system means the M36 can also be integrated with circuit tracks with the same module width. In this way luminaire and electric supply are fused to become one unit and the linear module can be supplemented by as many point light sources as required, with installation and replacement of components to agreat extent toolless. The M36 system is available in flush-mounted, surface-mounted and pendant versions with adirect/indirect component and allows luminaire lengths of up to 5000 mm in a single, uninterrupted section.

Modular structure with light directing optics

As well as variable profile lengths, it contains six optical system options for symmetrical and asymmetrical light reflection. Light Modulation Optics (LMO) provide light guidance while mini louvres, specially developed for LEDs, cater for workstation lighting requirements. M36 system luminaires are fitted with high-power LEDs in 3000K / 4000K lightcolours across the entire length, ensuring continuous light lines and seamless illumination with maximum performance and superlative uniformity. The M36 system is also dimmable and can be combined with intelligent LED controlsystems.

Light for a wide range of applications

Whether used as an individual luminarie or as an apparently unending, continuous light line, the M36 system is highly versatile with a range of applications that enables numerous design options for architectural light settings. L-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped connectors are available for horizontal and vertical configuration of individual modules. The M36 is suitable for virtually all lighting tasks such as exhibitions, hotels, platforms, displays or artworks for architecturallines and allows a harmonious lighting effect with a single luminaire profile for lighting projects or specific projectfeatures.

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