Sunday 15 April 2012

Selux at Light und Building 2012 | EXTERIOR innovation

Berlin, April 2012 – Avanza, the first high-power LED family of exterior luminaires from the "Efficient Design" development series by Selux, combines future security with aesthetics.

Sophisticated aesthetics

Reduced to the essentials – the Avanza family of exterior LEDs combines trail-blazing LED technology with a functional and clear design language. The compact luminaire head is distinguished by its no-nonsense design and represents a new urban lighting aesthetic.

Cross Beam Technology for efficient light direction

The development goal was to design sustainable high-quality light tools for sophisticated lighting tasks in exterior spaces. This led to the creation of a product that follows the three core goals of energy efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics. The outcome is the minimalist Avanza street luminaire based on LED technology and available in two sizes – Avanza 450 and Avanza 600. A new type of patented optics system was developed for this. Selux Cross Beam Technology (CBT) ensures homogenous lighting of traffic areas or squares by means of precise LED light guidance. With this technology, LEDs are preset in the direction of their application for targeted use of the direct light component and efficient lighting of various streets and squares. Various CBT reflectors are available for asymmetrical illumination of roads and squares.

Technical features for a wider range of functions

The basis of the Avanza future-proof luminaire concept is a combination of premium quality, optoelectronic components with durable materials such as die-cast aluminium and non-reflecting safety glass. Avanza is fitted with LED clusters in 3000K /4500 K light colours. Tailor-made thermal management is preintegrated in its progressive housing design and it complies with the IP66 protection category. These properties also allow the Avanza range of luminaries to be used in regions with high external temperatures. An optional Comfort Feature is an optical attachment that ensures additional widening of the light density at the light exitfor enhanced visual comfort. Modern light management systems for needs-adjusted control can also be integrated intothe luminaire. Avanza's dark-sky friendly optics enable light to be beamed only where it's needed – which is in the interests of people and the broader environment. Toolless replacement of all electrical components enables a high level of future security for successor LED generations, while highly durable materials and a timeless design for allvisible parts ensures sustainability at the same time.

Efficient Design made by Selux

"Efficient Design" is a product philosophy conceived by Selux AG, Berlin. It enables the development, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated solutions according to three aspects: a combination of energy efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics for professional applications in both interior and exterior spaces. In doing this, there is a particular emphasis on materials, the system performance, the control unit, the light source and the optics system as well as modularity of the overall unit.

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