Sunday 13 March 2016

Pallas - Optimal light for tough conditions

The Pallas is a ceiling-mounted luminaire by Selux that superbly demonstrates how to combine sturdiness, aesthetics and light quality. Its especially low profile complies with protection class IP65 and is suitable for all applications where a higher protection class is essential. The luminaire combines optimal, non-glare light quality with high efficiency and a highly stylish look.

Being tough, resistant to temperature extremes, dirt and vandalism are just some of the challenges faced by luminaires. Besides this, there is reliable operation, then they need to be economical, user-friendly and provide a high quality of light that ensures optimal visual comfort. The new ceiling-mounted luminaire Pallas by Selux combines all these qualities into a particularly distinct design. Like all Selux luminaires, the extremely flat Pallas boasts an ingenuous design right down to the most minor details, including assembly and connection.

A value-enhancing novelty – three light distributions
The Pallas by Selux provides new options when it comes to the realisation of specific lighting requirements. The luminaire is available in the light colours 3,000 K and 4,000 K for instance, each of which comes with three options for directional characteristics.

The symmetrically beaming version with its homogeneous light distribution and premium quality light exit area is suitable for standard applications such as general lighting of public areas. The symmetrical, wide-beaming version can be used for the illumination of broader traffic areas where a high level of uniformity is required such as on platforms or in traffic areas with high number of users. The asymmetrical, diagonally-beaming version enables single-sided light distribution for illumination of horizontal surfaces from luminaires arranged at edges or on borders such as over platform edges or on transitions from ceilings to walls.This flexibility enables consistent light solutions to be achieved in the widest variety of situations using the same luminaire type – in the form of individual luminaires or light strip arrangements.

Highly efficient, extra tough
With a construction height of just 60 mm, the Pallas is available in three lengths and constitutes a new benchmark for the design of robust, ceiling-mounted luminaires. Its slim design is enabled by lateral radiation of the LEDs in the luminaire housing for a glareless light exit that is uniform across the entire surface, thereby increasing visual comfort considerably. With the highly efficient Pallas, fewer luminaires are required leading to lower investment and operating costs.

The Pallas owes its sturdiness to its cleverly conceived design and premium quality materials – with extruded aluminium end caps made from die-cast aluminium and light area diffusers made from safety glass or polycarbonate. This makes the Pallas suitable for use in tough environmental conditions such as in underpasses, waiting areas or stations. The Pallas will perform strongly wherever a high protection class is required, in dusty, hot or cold environments or areas at risk of vandalism.

Quick assembly – light strips and more besides
As well as its quality of light and materials, the Pallas also incorporates impressive assembly options, particularly in combination with its media carrier. This profiled carrier is up to 4,800 mm long and allows the formation of a continuous light strip using various light distributions. Assembly is incredibly simple since all elements are merely latched into the aluminium media carrier and then locked on both sides with rotary protection locks. As well as being for through-wiring of light strips, the media carrier can be used for installation of additional cables, speakers, sensors or cameras. This means individual elements can be replaced quickly or their functions adapted. This turns the Pallas into an integrative product with options that go far beyond the traditional scope and functions of a luminaire.

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