Wednesday 26 March 2014

Evolutionary progress: The Olivio family of system luminaires — now with premium-quality white and RGBW LED lighting technology.

The Olivio luminaire system by Selux has proven its worth during many demanding projects such as the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart or Marseille's Old Port. Now the Olivio has evolved even further, incorporating additional options and the latest technology to ensure it remains state-of-the-art: its LED luminaire heads provide ever higher-performance while RGWB will open up hitherto undreamt of possibilities for exterior design using dynamic, coloured light. Selux has made specification even simpler too via the Olivio online configurator available at, which guides operators interactively in just a few steps to create a tender ready product specification.

Maximum design freedom for planners

Olivio offers a multitude of configuration options due to its consistent, modular structure, which is one reason for the system's continuing success, enabling as it does individual design solutions for specific locations and projects. Olivio luminaire heads are available in the sizes Grande, Medio and Piccolo and can be combined with various arms and pole types from the three Sistema, Floracion and Candelabra design lines. The variants created nevertheless retain a consistent appearance and are capable of performing both functional and atmospheric lighting tasks in outdoor areas, such as the illumination of paths and squares, spotlighting of facades or accent lighting of buildings.

Unlimited colour diversity with RGBW

The new dynamic RGBW lighting option merges seamlessly into the Olivio product family's modular principle. Light planners can create an impressive look that is ideally coordinated to the environment using versatile, self-configurable luminaire shapes while at the same time integrating dynamic, coloured lighting into their concepts as an additional styling element. Olivio RGBW luminaires enable unlimited colour diversity too. Technically speaking, Selux is breaking new ground here - the special RGBW optics is based on a circular arrangement of coloured and white LEDs in a rotation-symmetrical, freely-configurable reflector. Its geometry enables precision colour mixing contained entirely within the optics unit.

Comfortable control via an app

Programming and control of dynamic and static light scenes with Olivio RGBW luminaires is via DALI or DMX – e.g. with the Selux Netcomposer. The light management system enables up to 32 luminaires to be controlled via DALI or up to 256 via DMX. In this way highly complex scenes and sequences can be effortlessly programmed and simply recalled. Although it can be operated via interfaces with conventional key or buttons, integration of touch panels is also possible, as is WLAN control via smartphone or tablet with the Selux "LightingTab" app for Android, iOS and Windows 8.

Equally variable are the reworked Olivio luminaire heads with white 3000K or 4000K LEDs and optimised, premium quality reflector geometry for spot, medium or flood light distributions, which can be switched and dimmed via various interfaces. The use of intelligent control systems enables light to be controlled individually and precisely as required while the user-oriented control reduces energy consumption sustainably, lowers costs and optimises a reduced CO2 footprint.

Quality features for a long luminaire lifetime

Highest quality materials and maximum functionality during usage are features that have long since come to be expected of Selux products: The Olivio's long service life and its housing's dirt-resistant, organic shape will keep maintenance costs to the minimum. Premium quality details of its IP 67 protection class housing as well as its concealed cable routing, unrestricted orientation via two axes and ample swivelling ranges, plus the housing’s cylinder-locking mechanism of opening and closing using just one screw thread all serve to emphasise the Olivio's claim to quality in every respect.

March 2014

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