Sunday 13 March 2016

M60 Connect

M-Connect – a new addition to the modular M-family

With its modular structure comprising bearing profiles and light inserts, the M-Family by Selux enables customised lighting solutions – even on the largest scale. Now Selux is adding a new product line with variable module inserts to its tried-and-tested M-Connect series.

The M-Family combines maximum flexibility with minimalist design and is suitable for universal use. The wide variety of assembly variants, profile widths and functions enables this light channel system to cater for highly specialised requirements with individually optimised lighting solutions – using single luminaires or complex light structures.

One profile – universal use
The Selux M-Family has a new addition, the M60 Connect, which blends seamlessly into the tried-and-tested modular system and offers a range of innovative functions. Available as a pendant, surface-mounted or recessed light strip, the M60 Connect enables both general and accent lighting to be integrated into the same profile – even for use in offices. Its silver-anodised aluminium profile has a construction height of just 56 mm which, together with the 60 mm wide M60 Connect profile, forms a virtually quadratic cross section.

Variable lighting equipment
A distinction is made between start, end and centre modules for the system, each of which is available in three standard or customised lengths. Three types of LED light inserts can be installed within its profiles or alternatively dummy covers, meaning that even non-illuminating sections can be inserted into the light structure without the overall run design being impaired.

The LED light inserts offer comprehensive design freedom for light planners. With an opal diffuser, the modules are perfect for homogeneous general lighting while bi-parabolic louvres with double cambered reflector sections also provide outstanding anti-glare qualities for screen-based workstations. For accent lighting of room zones or objects, LED gear trays with double or single spots are available that can be turned or pivoted by 335 degrees or 45 degrees with different light distributions.

The pendant variant also connects direct light with separately switchable, dimmable indirect light, which has an uninterrupted cast across the entire length of the profile. As with the established M-family, all module gear trays are available in the two light colours, 3,000 K and 4,000 K, and with DALI control.

Top technology with online configuration
As the system is made up of individual modules capable of being individually integrated, the M60 Connect can be adapted to a wide variety of spatial and lighting technology requirements, which means that this new light system can easily handle the illumination of tall or wide rooms.

Needless to say, a configurator for the M60 Connect is also available on the Selux website, which provides simpler, safer and easier budget costing, even in the case of complex planning.

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