Sunday 24 March 2013

M-Modular – sophisticated LED systems with outstanding features for enhancing architectural spaces

Based on the versatile M-Series, a modular system for simple and professional planning and implementation of M-Modular LEDs for all three linear system sizes is now available from Selux. These highly efficient lighting solutions are equipped with simply replaceable LED gear trays and deliverable within 15 working days ex works.

Composition of individual luminaires, lines of light or light structures are now child’s play. Intelligent combination options, a choice of three system widths, four lengths and six optics systems plus various colour temperatures and housing colours enable fast and reliable planning and ordering of precise lighting solutions with the M-Modular LED.

Recessed, surface and pendant versions in 36 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm profile widths make the M-Modular LED suitable for universal use. The flexible lighting system has a minimalist design language and can be integrated into the widest variety of spatial situations. Whereas with the two Selux M-series classics, the M60 and M100, the light profiles were further developed for LED use, the M36 has been developed solely on the basis of LED technology. Speaking at the market launch, Klaus-Peter Siemssen, President of the Board of Selux AG in Berlin explained that „With the M36, the aim was to develop a modular light kit that was consistently aligned to the topics of energy efficiency, sustainability and aesthetics. LED technology enables office workspaces to be illuminated in accordance with norms using a pro!le width of just 36 mm – a quantum leap that opens up new possibilities for LED office lighting design. „Light Modulation Technology“, a Selux special development, has been used to obtain particularly fresh, precise distribution of light”.

Modular setup – innovative light guidance

The basis of the M-Modular LED building kit is four ready-to-use linear modules in lengths of 890 mm, 1186 mm, 1482 mm and 2372 and an L module. The LED gear trays can be simply inserted into the durable extruded aluminium profiles and replaced as required. There are virtually no limits to the design options for architectural lighting, whether this be linear lines of light, quadratic light structures or L, U or S-shaped configurations. From a lighting technology perspective too, the M-Modular LED offers a particularly broad range of application options with innovative optics and high-quality acrylic and polycarbonate diffusers. Intelligent connectors enable seamless light most shapes and sizes.

Selux has developed a special form of light guidance for the M36 system known as Light Modulation Optics (LMO). This optics system made from full profiles ensures a uniform appearance for the light exit area and precision light guidance at the same time. With LMO Wallwashers, minimal distances can be obtained between wall and luminaire with extremely high levels of uniformity – for instance, a light distance of just 0.4 m from the wall is required for wallwashing a 3m high surface. Requirements for appropriate office lighting are met by the use of a minilouvre that has been specially developed for LEDs. Generally, at up to 80 lm/W the system is also highly energy-efficient.

With six optics systems in total, for symmetrical and asymmetrical beaming, the M-Modular LED covers the entire range of applications: general lighting in public areas, foyers, functional rooms and corridors; office lighting and homogenous vertical lighting like wallwashing in museums and exhibitions or lighting of shelf areas in libraries, archives or for the retail sector.

Minimal power requirements – maximum efficiency

Equipped with high-power LEDs in the light colours 3000K/4000K, dimmable and combinable with intelligent LED controls, the M-Modular LED provides components for maximum-efficiency, sustainable lighting solutions. For example, corridor lighting with M60 recessed luminaires using a satin diffuser is possible with a minimised power requirement of just 2.4 W/m2. An office space with an area of 20 m2, lit in accordance with norms using M36 pendant luminaires requires just under 6.2 W/m2. These figures speak for themselves.

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