Sunday 11 March 2018

M Family – New elements for modular linear light kit

With its modular set-up of bearing profiles and gear trays, the M Family by Selux enables individual light solutions in all shapes and sizes. Its versatile mounting variants, profile widths and functions will be expanded during 2018 to include new elements – and can now be planned precisely to the millimetre using our online configurator.

With basic profiles in widths of 36 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm, the M Family combines maximum flexibility with minimalist design to form a universal system for light lines in architecture. Thanks to the wide range of assembly variants, elements and optics, this modular kit also allows highly specific planning requirements to be catered for with individually configured lighting solutions – from single luminaires, to linear light fixtures and complex light structures.

All of this can be planned on using our updated online M-family configurator, which can be used to assemble the appropriate system elements for a project – now even to the precise millimetre. New optics are also available which expand the range of application options for the M36 while a wall luminaire has also been added to the M60 Connect family.

M36 – New optics for additional application options

This M Family variant has just become even more versatile thanks to new LED gear trays for the M36 profile with a slim width of just 36 mm. Innovative Monocave optics with a unified glare rating of UGR  <  19 is suitable for ergonomic, virtually glare free lighting in office workspaces, while the Accent and Twinspot gear trays enable accentuation of room areas or objects using light. Use of accent optics for zenith illumination or Twinspot optics for freely directed lighting opens up new application options for design with the M36 system such as exhibition or retail lighting.

M60 Connect – now available as a wall luminaire too

With the M60 Connect system, modular gear trays for office, general and accent lighting can be integrated into a virtually quadratic profile. A wall-mounted luminaire has now been added to the four assembly variants already available. This comes with different diffusers in the indirect or direct/indirect light output and a choice of two lengths, 1197 mm or 1791 mm as well as 3000 K or 4000 K light colours. The developers at Selux have also given plenty of consideration to secure and efficient mounting, with the mounting profile installed and aligned using elongated holes for fastener screws and with a cable inlet. The luminaire itself also comes with a counter profile and plug connectors for electrical connection and is inserted in the assembly profile and held using two grub screws.

March 2018

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