Sunday 13 March 2016

Light moves - Selux at Light + Building 2016

Light is much more what we perceive with our eyes. Light affects our well-being and our health. It stimulates our senses, provides us with guidance and quality of life. At Light + Building 2016, Selux will be presenting itself and numerous new products under the motto „Light moves“. The exhibition will demonstrate how, at all times, Selux works with light as a cultural asset, placing its trust in practice-oriented collaborations with light planners, architects and designers stretching back many years.

At Light + Building 2016 Selux will be unveiling a complete new range of product innovations that provide planners with better options for exterior and interior light design. Needless to say, all of these new luminaires use LED technology, which has been optimised by Selux to obtain the greatest possible efficiency, light quality and visual comfort. The result is luminaires that incorporate highly innovative designs, such as the stele-type exterior luminaire Lif, with its modular setup or the Loop, a circular luminaire that superbly meets the complex requirements of the office environment. Yet Lif and Loop are just two examples of how this combination of lighting technology and design is enabling Selux to create ground-breaking products.

Design - a key element but no end in itself
As well as allowing technically innovative lighting solutions, LEDs also open up entirely new possibilities for design. Selux makes intelligent use of these options to create innovative, sophisticated concepts that incorporate reductions in shape and volume to create a new type of minimalism, while at the same time boasting maximum light quality. This enables Selux to remain just as true to its tradition of refined simplicity as to traditional German design paradigms, which were the original reason for its global importance.

An example of this is the extra flat, surface-mounted luminaire Pallas, which combines minimalist design with homogeneous, optimum light yet is extremely durable and simple-to-assemble. With its corresponding media carrier that can hold cables and other elements, Pallas is a perfect example of smart, functional integration.

Outstanding modularity
Another feature that is evident from the Selux portfolio is the idea of modularity. Rather than individual lighting solutions, Selux developers focus on modular system concepts and versatility of application. „Selux systems enable maximum flexibility, since we offer a wide range of variants in terms of light distributions, light colours, performance classes and assembly methods“, explains Selux Managing Director Jürgen Hess. „This is demonstrated, for example, by our highly successful M-family, to which a new member, the M60 Connect, is due to be added this year. As a result we can provide planners with tools for first-class lighting solutions.“

Full support for planners and users
„Our long-term thinking when it comes to collaboration is evident in many areas, and not just in our product portfolio. Aspects such as service and support for project work are very important for us“, adds Selux Executive Director Felix Grönwaldt. „Our goal is to enable the importance of first-class light to be experienced and to raise an awareness of this. We aim to inspire people and motivate them to become involved in the design process by making creative use of our luminaires and lighting solutions.“

Light moves – the trade fair experience
Selux also places its faith in time-honoured partnerships when it comes to stands at trade fairs, with this year´s design once again originating from the Berlin architectural bureau Gonzales Haase. The concept is based on that grand master of modernity, Le Corbusier – referencing his principles of light incidence modulation using louvred compartments. 5.50 metre tall aluminium louvres enclose the stand, creating exciting interaction between density and transparency, its appearance changing depending on the movements of visitors. „Our trade fair stand is intended as an open think tank, a platform for exchanging ideas and for inspirations, as well as for discussions on market requirements of the future“, explains Jürgen Hess. Interaction is a key element here – as well as for the stand’s authentic materials: wood, aluminium and felt. Only when the right light is applied does its true nature become evident, with the sensuousness of the surfaces revealed: „We enable understanding of quality of light.“

Selux and architectural thinking
Good light is more than just a product or commodity, it is also a mission to society – or at least for Selux. Ultimately, in all considerations, our focus is on light – light that meets project requirements as well as long term viability. Accordingly Selux will also be extending its range of digital planning tools to incorporate configurators for both of its new products, Lif and M60 Connect, as well as corresponding Lookbooks on its website. All relevant up-to-date product and system information is available digitally at Selux at all times.

„We always think in terms of the architecture“, stresses Felix Grönwaldt. „The luminaire is actually just a means to an end yet it is a means that we particularly wish to celebrate during Light + Building.“

March 2016

About Selux
The Selux Group is a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications. By acting sustainably, Selux is able to maintain high standards when it comes to energy efficiency, ergonomics and product design. Founded in Berlin in 1948, Selux is a global company which is operational in Europe, North America and Australia, employing 565 staff. In 2014 the Selux Group continued its steady success course in increasing its turnover by 8.9 % to 95 million €. Much of this growth was due to its USA plant (+31.4 %) and Germany (+11.5 %).

At present, LED lighting is responsible for more than 50 % of the Selux turnover, with this figure forecast to rise to 70 % by the end of 2016, thereby preparing the way for a full changeover to digital lighting in the near future. LED light enables additional energy savings due to intelligent control systems and it is in this area that Selux will be focussing its development efforts in future. Some examples of well-known projects that Selux has been involved with in the past include the „Park am Gleisdreieck“ in Berlin, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the Vieux-Port in Marseille and the 9/11 Memorial in NYC.

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