Tuesday 23 April 2013

Light for communication and creativity

The Stan Hema agency, which was founded in 2008, has gained a reputation as an expert in brand strategy, brand design and brand communication. Last year this hive of marketing creativity moved to new premises. Its new office floor in Berlin-Kreuzberg covers almost 440 m² and is lit using the M36 LED light system by Selux.

Feel-good factor in the lifestyle workplace

Day-to-day work in a marketing agency is characterised by the search for ideas, the design work itself and communication. Concentration is essential for all these but equally so a lively environment that encourages creativity. Good visibility conditions are an asset too, as is an atmosphere that promotes well-being in the truest sense of the word. Light tailored to the needs of the people and the space is an essential prerequisite here.

The M36 enables precisely this fine tuning of lighting to its users and the room architecture. The LED linear system, which has a width of just 36 mm, can be configured like a modular construction kit. Using just a few basic profiles, high-efficiency LED boards in the light colours 3000 K or 4000 K and specially developed optics, it is capable of covering a particularly wide range of application areas.

Light and architecture in harmony

At Stan Hema, the M36 was installed in the form of continuous light lines in accordance with the room geometry. The minimalist design language of the M36 enables it to be integrated effortlessly into the room while, at the same time, the LED light lines define the fabric of the rooms. In the agency‘s central working area, the seamless light profiles appear to hover virtually freely, suspended across a length of nearly 18 meters.

A separately switchable direct /indirect component and microprism diffusers enable compliance with high office requirements for anti-glare and for uniform illumination of room areas. The indirect component enables users to experience the room‘s peripheral areas and effectively promotes an awareness of the room in its entirety.

Harmonious interaction

„The luminaire retraces the layout of the rooms with impressive subtlety while at the same time demarcating the individual volumes of the functional areas. The indirect light makes the room brighter or darker without impairing the incidental daylight at all. And finally interaction between all these light components creates what are for us ideal visibility conditions, regardless of whether we are working at a digital screen or just using pen and paper,“ explains Andreas Weber, Partner/Design at Stan Hema. „In contrast to our old offices, the light in our new office space is a distinct benefit.“

The Berlin architect Thomas Bendel was responsible for fundamentally refurbishing the office space, which is housed in a historic building used by Paramount Film AG in the 1920s. In close consultation with his customer, he has succeeded in creating a spacious ambience that is full of character. Despite redesigning the floor, wall and ceiling areas, as well as changing the room formation, the original style of the building – e.g. its striking, convex facade wall – has been preserved. The individuallymade, built-in furniture forms a single family due to its common, modern, reduced design language. And like the furniture, the lighting solution alsofollows the principle of objectness within the space, thereby becoming a supporting part of the design concept.

April 2013


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