Wednesday 26 March 2014

Meet the archetypes: Selux at Light + Building 2014.

In 2012 the new Selux corporate identity aroused great interest while the OLED-basis kinetic sculpture Manta Rhei was the highlight of the trade fair. In 2014, an advanced development of this will be on view along with a wide selection of new products. Selux will also be making full use of the possibilities of digital media to further develop its core values of partnership and continuity, service orientation and affection for detail. The new products will be presented in the context of architectural archetypes.

At Light+Building 2014 in Frankfurt, Selux will be presenting numerous new products and systems for the lighting of urban spaces, architecture and interiors. Despite many differences, these Selux innovations have two things in common: they represent a new configuration of the technological possibilities and, in doing so, assume responsibility for making a contribution to improving our quality of life via premium design and sustainable technology.

Partnership as a core competence

Good lighting solutions for professional architecture are becoming increasingly complex. According to Selux President of the Board Klaus-Peter Siemssen, "Extraordinary results will be obtained by barrier-free networking of experts and for this reason we view reliable partnership as a core competence in our project business. This means supporting each project with the right tools, products and technical sparring partners.” Yet this claim goes far beyond the scope of individual projects with long-term partnerships as its goal: "We want to act for the long term when it comes to collaborations. At its crux is a love of products and architecture," concludes Klaus-Peter Siemssen.

The Selux trade fair stand: Architectural archetypes

In light of this context, Selux will be using its trade fair stand to pay tribute to architecture's role as an formative cultural element. "Our aim is to combine the familiar with the innovative and thereby demonstrate the origins of architecture, bringing its materiality to life for visitors," the Selux Management Board says of the new Selux stand concept for 2014. With the stand designed by the Berlin architectural bureau Gonzales Haase, basic archetypal forms recall the evolution of architecture in conjunction with semiconductor technology and the latest control technology and electronics.

New luminaire archetypes for exterior and interior use

"LED technology provides us with the attractive option of rethinking product concepts and designs in a new context," says Klaus-Peter Siemssen of the Selux product strategy. "In doing so”, he continues, we are driven at all times by the basic idea of modularity so that planners and designers can customise our products to a great degree for their own specific projects." This plays a particularly important role in the traditional Selux area of lighting for urban spaces. With its new Astro and Arca product programmes and its successful Olivio programme upgraded to include new LED and RGBW light heads, Selux will be presenting ground-breaking system solutions in this area.

With regard to interior luminaires, Selux will be exhibiting a product system in its Kju family, which fully utilizes the possibilities of LED technology by its radical formal reduction to a mass of flat light in various arrangement forms and groupings in rooms. This applies too for the new Xea pendant and flush-mounted luminaires for work and office environments, where an ultraflat converter is integrated in a housing with a height of just 18mm. And with the availability of LED variants with variably controllable light colour, M-Modular My White adds an additional fascinating dimension for lighting design to modular linear light kits.

Digital and global communication

This revolution in the world of lighting is reflected not only by the new Selux products but also in our communications strategy: the new clearly arranged print catalogue is supplemented optimally by the comprehensive information on the Selux website, which goes into precise technical detail about the various items. Online lookbooks allow us to capture the product concept and the options for the various product families both quickly and intuitively. And Selux even offers online configurators for several modular product programmes, which will guide planners in just a few steps through the myriad of combinations to arrive at a product an order can be placed for.

March 2014

About Selux

The Selux Group is a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications. By acting sustainably, Selux is able to maintain high standards when it comes to energy efficiency, ergonomics and product design. Selux is a global company and is operational in Europe, North America and Australia employing 533 staff. In 2013 Selux was able to increase its turnover once again by 4.6% to reach a total of €86.9 million. An own capital share of 44.2% and incoming orders growth of 16.6% compared to the previous year constitute a solid foundation for Selux’ continuing success.

Implementation of the "Evolution" future project, which was initiated in 2011, continued across the breadth of the group in 2012. "Evolution" includes sustainable investments in sales, process and innovation structures as well as the continuation of the product offensive. To strengthen its international alignment, in spring 2012, Selux standardised and redesigned its corporate identity.

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