Friday 11 March 2016

Lif – a light column for modern urbanity

By day the new Lif is a reserved, slim cylindrical stele on the cityscape. As darkness falls however, it unveils its true capabilities. This multi-functional, modular luminaire is designed for the lighting of squares and paths as well as façades or the accent lighting of objects. Highly versatile equipment options make the Lif the ideal luminaire for the modern city – both now and in the future.

With the Lif, Selux shows what is possible with lighting design when LED technology is combined with systematic thinking. During the day the Lif assumes a place in the background. A slim, cylindrical stele with a diameter of just 180 mm, it can be deployed in all areas of the cityscape as a space-defining element. Its elegant, purist design can provide premium-quality lighting in various environments. As a modular system, various light modules can be used with the Lif, making it suitable for squares or pathways, façades, as an accent light or even all of these together, remaining a minimalist light column at all times. Lif contributes to a clearly defined urban environment while at the same time offering planners increased scope for the creation of quality urban spaces for people to experience city life.

One stele – numerous optional modules
The Lif system is installed on three basic components: Poles of variable heights carry mounting elements with an oval cut-out that is available in four sizes and on which façade and Twinspot modules can be installed as light modules. For a transparent, subtle effect, the mounting elements can also be used purely as design element. The Top Element serves as a termination for the light column and for use as a square or pathway light, its Tritec Optic is available with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. The Lif accent element with a white or coloured light ring can be inserted into the stele as an additional lighting accent in urban areas. Lif components can also be combined with one another, enabling customised individual lighting solutions that are simple to plan, install and maintain.

Flexible, detailed quality lighting
Selux has invested its entire know-how in the area of LED technology in the four different Lif light modules, packing them with premium quality details such as gapless safety glass. The Lif façade module can be installed in the mounting elements at various positions and the modules are available with 19 different horizontal and vertical light distributions, ensuring all façade lighting requirements can be flexibly met. Asymmetrical light distributions enable illumination in various directions for example, without the need to rotate the luminaire, ensuring the light column has a uniform appearance at all times. The highly efficient LED optic enables precise illumination that is free of scatter light while mounting elements can be rotated as required between 0° and 360° for directional purposes. Using the Twinspot modules, Lif also becomes an accent light, creating settings for objects or spatial zones with light. These too are installed in the mounting elements, available with spot or medium light distributions and can be pivoted by up to 15° in all directions for precise aim.

The Top Element turns the Lif into a premium quality luminaire for squares and pathways. The Tritec LED Optic, a cone-shaped combination of prisms and reflectors, provides soft, calming symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution in traffic areas. Depending on the desired luminous intensity, two or four Tritec rings are installed in the Top Element, adding an optical attraction due to brilliance effects on their reflector surfaces.

Scope for traffic control and signalling
Lif also offers additional functions that make it a true all-rounder for exterior use, going way beyond mere illumination. The ring-shaped accent module is more than just a decorative element. Available in the light colour 3,000 K or blue, it can be used as part of a traffic control system or for the marking of important points in public areas. With a DALI controller, dynamic roadway orientation or status displays are even possible. Yet that is not all, for Selux has future proofed Lif, incorporating even more functions into it. Emergency alarm systems can be installed on the stele, it can serve as a WLAN hotspot or electrical charging station or cameras can be mounted on it. All this makes Lif an ideal complement for the city of tomorrow – a future-compatible, adaptable light system for urban areas.

Efficient planning, classical aesthetics
Its modular structure enables simple upgrading of stele luminaires where required which means that Lif superbly combines security of planning and investment. Durability is also a question of materials – which is why Selux uses a layered aluminium extruded profile with terminations made from premium quality, die-cast aluminium.
To enable planners and users to exploit the full potential of this new system right from the planning phase, Selux offers an online planning tool with which individual configurations can be composed quickly and effectively.

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