Wednesday 26 March 2014

Quadratic, purist, versatile: the Kju family of modular LED luminaires by Selux.

Clear contours reduced to the extremities in a hovering, flat body of pure light. The Kju family of luminaires by Selux enable this vision of a modern architecture-based luminaire to be realised. Characterised by a minimal construction height of just 33 mm and its illuminated sides, the manifold mounting and arrangement options of Kju are designed to inspire creative lighting solutions via a consistent aesthetic. Optimum visual comfort – including for workstations - is ensured by premium quality lighting technology.

The wealth of variants in the Kju family of luminaires results from the combination of what are in fact light modules, available in four versions with different mounting frames. These enable pendant, surface-mounted, partially or fully recessed luminaires whose graphical brilliant appearance is designed to inspire creative room arrangements. A particular feature of all Kju luminaires is how the light emission is continued at the luminaire's vertical surfaces so the housing appears like a floating body of light.

Four light modules for a vast array of designs

The basis of the modular Kju system are four light modules with standardised dimensions. The housings, with a surface area of 300 mm² and height of just 33 mm, are made from transparent PMMA material with precisely defined edges. The double wall technology houses premium-quality lighting technology with high-performance LEDs and a specially developed layer of lenses for homogenous 2-dimensional distribution of punctiform LED light. Light planners can choose between Kju Ice - whose housing is made entirely from transparent PMMA, making it reminiscent of a block of ice - and Kju Alu which has a white die-cast aluminium top surface. Two different lighting technologies are available for both housing variants: with a microprism diffuser, Kju complies with the high anti-glare specifications required for offices and workplaces while the version with opal diffuser ensures efficient homogenous general lighting and an elegant appearance.

One ingenious idea – multiple variations

Based on these light modules, Selux has developed a product family in Kju that can handle a multitude of architectural lighting tasks. Surface-mounted and pendant variants are available both in direct and direct/indirect beaming versions. In addition recessed and partly recessed versions are available with and without edges, on which an attractive light gap arises due to light exiting at the sideFor mounting in 600/625 grid ceilings a variant with a perimeter aura made from silver anodised aluminium is available.

Assembly-friendly: plug & light using a system of clips

It's not just the lighting technology and design of the Kju that are highly innovative - for their low construction height, the luminaires offer high output, with a luminous flux of 2000 lumen. The ultra-flat design negates assembly problems due to lack of ceiling void space. The assembly process itself comprises two steps: first the attachment accessories and the converter housing are installed, then the light modules can be attached securely and toollessly using a system of clips before being put into service. All electronic components are also protected against electrostatic discharge. This assembly-friendly concept by Selux is called Plug & Light and brings economic benefits too, both pre-and post installation.

The sum of its properties makes the Kju family the light system of choice for contemporary interiors in application areas such as offices and administrative buildings, practices, shops or hotels. Its high-quality materials and distinctive shape enable it to be integrated into all architectural styles so that, with Kju, light planners will be placing the emphasis on design, light quality and maximum energy efficiency.

March 2014

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