Friday 16 March 2018

Fluid – highly expressive structures, attractive light

Light objects or structures built using the Fluid system concentrate attention on architecture in two ways. Firstly by being present as a highly distinctive object of design within a room and secondly by the clearly structured light zone they generate. A particular feature of Fluid is its asymmetrical cross-section profile while its variable connecting elements allow the creation of individual, incisive geometries.

When it comes to the quest to fuse lighting and interior design, the Fluid light profile is breaking new ground. This elegant, asymmetrical aluminium profile with integrated reflector technology has been jointly developed by Selux with the Berlin design bureau e27. Fluid offers a wide range of options for creative planners for the emphasis of specific locations, objects or areas within buildings. Fluid’s profile elements and variable connectors enable objects to be configured that are reduced in shape or with highly complex geometries and whose light effect creates unique impressions inside rooms.

Inspired by architecture and design

„The idea was to lend the shape of the profile a certain lightness by means of edges and acute angles, akin to vehicle design. The Fluid hovers almost weight¬lessly in the room as the profile’s actual volume is barely perceptible,” explains Fax Quintus, designer and partner of the e27 bureau, on his approach to the concept for Fluid, “All profile surfaces are chamfered so that none of the contact areas are visible while each of the variable corner connectors has a specific radius – lending the system a lightness but without making it amorphous.”
In technical terms, the backbone of the Fluid is an aluminium profile with a trapezoid cross section supporting a linear LED module on the interior of its lower end, with secondary reflector and electronic operating devices integrated into its profile. The Fluid radiates downwards asymmetrically over a wide area out of the profile’s open side. This enables its light to be directed within the room zones concentrated on with its light distribution intensifying the perception of these areas.

Accentuation within rooms using structures

The Fluid system is freely configurable in the three lengths 892,1188 and 1485 mm and comes with infinitely variable, angular segment connectors from 30° to 150° and 210° to 330° meaning there are no limits when it comes to the creativity of planners. Rectangular structures, such as those used to generate islands of light around exhibits in car showrooms, can easily be achieved. As can complex, resplendent polygonal shapes, which might be used to create corporate branding in the foyers of hotels, companies or cultural institutions.
The entire design process is guided by corresponding application scenes. “The vision we pursued was that of a hovering frame that generates concentrated brightness within the room without onlookers perceiving a central light source,” reports Fax Quintus: “When we built the first models from profiles and corner connectors, it soon became clear that what we had before us was a huge modular light kit that could be used to playfully realise all sorts of shapes and applications.” This is a concept that has now been implemented technically in the form of the Fluid by Selux to our expected high standard of quality.

Executed in Selux quality

The aluminium profiles and corner connectors of the system are powder-coated in silver or white, with 3000 K or 4000 K light colours with a colour rendering index of up to CRI 90. Integrated ESD protection ensures an especially high standard of operational reliability for the LED modules, with control devices equipped with DALI interfaces enabling simple connection of Fluid to lighting control systems. All of this makes Fluid an intriguing addition to the Selux product range, perfectly complementing existing lines such as the minimalist M-family , while enabling light design that is both functional and expressive using a single frame that knows no limitations.

March 2018

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