Thursday 7 July 2016

Erzbischöfliches Berufskolleg

Motivational light

At the Archdiocesan Vocational College in Cologne, the M60 light system ensures a high standard of visual comfort for learning and working.

Open and yet closed, inside yet outside, distant yet close – such contrasts lend this unconventional new college building from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne a tangible freshness. This ambitious construction also illustrates the owner‘s intention of making a bold statement about social responsibility and acting sustainably. The class rooms, training kitchens, music rooms and the meditation space have been equipped with efficient M60 LED light strips by Selux, geared precisely to the needs of the some 1100 pupils, students and 90 teaching staff.

A state-of-the-art educational centre has been erected in the south of Cologne. Consecrated during a ceremony by Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki just in summer 2016, on 22nd September 2017, it was already awarded The Cologne Architecture Prize. The building concept was conceived by architects from the 3pass bureau and commands admiration – the outer appearance of this polygonal construction is calming and reserved, while the interior opens out to reveal a pleasant expanse that enables a fresh atmosphere for learning and working.

As well as serving as corridors reminiscent of galleries, the four storeys with their curving shapes connect the prestigious foyer with the teaching rooms. On the ground floor, the atrium also serves as an assembly hall and auditorium. The audience gathers on the tiers of the stair elegantly connecting the ground level with the first floor. The vaulted ceiling that straddles the room floods the organically shaped atrium with daylight.

For the illumination of the classrooms that are connected to the facade, an optimum light solution has been developed: The establishment of a comfortable light ambience for studying and working and the emphasis on the polygonal building shape has been convincingly combined in the use of M60 LED light profiles with a microprism diffuser. These do not only fulfil the elevated glare control stipulations but also permit the accommodation of the many different profile angles and legths found in the teaching rooms.

Trimless, recessed light lines inserted in the ceiling run through the rooms and even around corners over a total length of 1200 metres. A circumferential shadow gap as a design element emphasises the ceiling’s linear course. A particular challenge for the Selux engineers was to have the many parallel and angled light strips of different lengths all terminate a specific distance from the wall in each teaching room. “The light trails follow all polygonal changes in direction while the carefully detailed mitres are lit right into the corners,” explains Lighting Planner Stephanie Grosse-Brockhoff of the project. “From the exterior of the room too, the light lines can be perceived as a spatially staggered silhouette.”

The flexibility of the M60 light line‘s design has enabled a uniform look to be created with the microprism diffuser while avoiding any shadowing. Last but not least, the combination of the neutral white light colour 4000 K with the uniform, glareless lighting helps ensures a friendly learning atmosphere at this vocational training college that is conducive to motivation and concentration.

Project: New construction of Erzbischöfliches Berufskolleg (Archdiocesan Vocational College), Cologne-Sülz
Owner: Vicary General, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne
Architects: 3pass architects /urban planners Kusch Mayerle BDA, Cologne
Interior architecture: Keggenhoff | Partner, Arnsberg-Neheim
Light planner: Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn / Berlin
Product: M60 LED
Completion: 2016
Photograph: Constantin Meyer

December 2017

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