Thursday 15 March 2018

Elo – precise light, purist shape, superior efficiency

Precise light, a purist design and superior efficiency – the Elo is a new family of state-of-the-art LED luminaires by Selux available as a bollard, column or wall-mounted luminaire.

Selux is launching a new series of cylindrical luminaires with a highly attractive minimalist design for the lighting of paths, entrance areas, façades and access roads around buildings. Reserved yet with a resplendent look by day or night, the Elo can provide uniform lighting at comparatively low heights. The balanced, softly emitted light is distributed either on all sides or forwards to provide safety and guidance, akin to an elegant signpost. The Tritec module with its combination of prism ring lens and hexagonally structured reflector sphere provides maximum anti-glare as well as a premium quality look with a distinctive visual style that is highly visible from afar.

Tritec technology is already available from Selux in the Lif light column and as a stand-alone replacement module for existing luminaires and, in the Elo, Selux is now introducing another family of luminaires with Tritec. Consistently reduced to a cylindrical shape, the Elo cannot fail to impress with its design clarity and timeless elegance enabling it to blend harmoniously into a wide range of styles and architectural contexts. At the same time, the new series has a high level of compatibility, such as with the similarly cylindrical Lif light column, while it also perfectly complements many other Selux models. This enables lighting solutions to be planned with the Elo that combine the widest variety of luminaire types using one harmonious design language.

The Elo family includes bollards with heights of 800, 1000 and 1200 mm as well as light columns with heights of 2000, 3000 and 4000 mm. In addition there is a wall-mounted luminaire which, like the other designs, conforms to the high IP65 protection class. The steel tube stand for bollards and columns has a diameter of 160 mm, is available with or without a door and can be installed either on a plinth or on a separate buried base. The Tritec module together with the LED light source and cooling element is surrounded by a transparent, cylindrical PC moulded body and an aluminium pressure-cast housing.

Depending on lighting task, its lighting technology is available with a choice of symmetrical all-round beaming or forward light distribution, with the wall-mounted luminaire always radiating asymmetrically. At a connected power of 14 W, the Tritec modules provide a luminous flux of 1500 lm (symmetrical) or 1200 lm (forward). Selux can supply versions with either 3000 K or 4000 K light colour temperature as standard and Elo luminaires can be switched and dimmed using a DALI interface. Use of intelligent lighting control systems enables light to be controlled individually and precisely as needed.

March 2018

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