Wednesday 26 March 2014

Fascinating encased gemstones for modern urban settings: modular Astro LED pole-top luminaires by Selux

Key ideas behind the new product concept were timeless design, a magical atmosphere during darkness, efficiency and variability. The result was the new family of Astro luminaires by Selux. The numerous configuration options cater for the manifold technological and formal requirements of urban settings. At the heart of the luminaire lies the optics unit, an integral system of LEDs, reflectors, the assembly unit and the surrounding passe-partout – ensuring a high level of efficiency and visual comfort, with three different directional characteristics.

Essential requirements for luminaires in urban areas include functionality and efficiency during illumination. Pole-top luminaires can fulfill an aesthetic role during daylight however, individually shaping the urban landscape and becoming fascinating light objects by night. With the new Astro family, Selux presents a future-compatible synthesis of these requirements, the design for which stems from the multiple award-winning Phoenix Design bureau, with a modular system philosophy offering a multitude of personalisation options.

Integral LED lighting technology at its heart

The heart of all Astro family pole-top luminaires is the optics unit comprising LEDs, reflectors, assembly unit and the surrounding passe-partout. This highly efficient module, which is shaped like a discus, offers a high degree of visual comfort due to its excellent anti-dazzle properties. Three directional characteristics are available for various applications: symmetrical light distribution, asymmetrical light distribution for squares and asymmetrical street light distribution. Astro is also available in 3000 Kelvin and 4500 Kelvin light colours.

"The integral optics unit forms the basis of the new Selux system strategy and is used for the first time in the Astro", explains Ralf Kittmann, Astro Project Manager at Phoenix Design. Excellent thermal management adds to the reliability and efficiency of the high-performance LEDs: "Louvres in the inside of the housing discharge heat from the module without affecting the luminaire’s purist design," explains the product designer.

Multiple personalisation options due to a modular system philosophy

With the Astro family, light planners can configure luminaires with an individual, distinctive appearance for each specific project. For the pole connection, there is a choice of Astro 1 variants with a single-arm, asymmetrical connection or Astro 2 variants with a two-arm, symmetrical connection. The luminaire’s diffuser is available in a flat, anti-reflex safety glass version, as a clear, convex plastic diffuser or as a convex diffuser with a pearl-finish structured surface. This latter provides maximum visual comfort and produces atmospheric light that will brighten up any environment.

The corona also provides additional scope for design freedom with Astro. This anodised aluminium shape surrounds the Astro's optics unit, lending the luminaire a magical effect due to its brilliance effects. To start with there will be two corona versions to choose from: with concentric rings or a pillow structure. An LED ring between optics unit and corona is available as a further option for ambient lighting, which uses white (3,000K) or blue light for accent lighting or can be used to highlight special functions like on a charging station for electric vehicles. Like with other luminaire families, Selux has made available a web configurator for the Astro too, which will guide light planners quickly and conveniently through the possible options until the final specification.

Lower energy consumption due to adaptive lighting

Sustainability is the focus of Astro's design concept. This is evident not just in the luminaire's maintenance-friendly design and the durable quality of its materials and surfaces but also in the efficiency of its LED technology and multitude of interfaces for integrating luminaires in light management systems. This makes Astro ideally prepared for adaptive lighting, which will reduce energy consumption even further.

March 2014

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