Wednesday 26 March 2014

Arca by Selux: pure design and pure technology – for economical LED lighting in public spaces

Arca is a new series of outdoor luminaires by Selux which - with its universal, flexible and, above all, economical LED lighting system for the lighting of roads, paths and squares - cannot fail to win over light planners. Functional and versatile, Arca offers premium-quality, efficient LED technology with various system powers and mounting variants in a timeless, purist design combined with an award-winning price/performance ratio.

Efficient and suitable for everyday use: the design

Arca combines luminaire and integrated universal adapter in a single harmonious entity. The universal adapter enables flexible use as a surface-mounted, wall-mounted or upswept pole luminaire, while its highly impressive, technically inspired and consistent, purist design language ensure it blends superbly into public spaces. Its finer details reflect Selux’ many years of experience in this particular application area: the luminaire head can be adjusted + - 20° as required in 5° increments on both mounting variants while, for maintenance purposes, its housing can be opened without the use of tools via an elbow lever lock. This enables simple replacement of system components and LED units.

LED lighting technology makes a difference

Arca pole-top luminaires are equipped with high-efficiency LED technology and Selux own-development reflectors for a particularly high light yield. The combination of pairs of reflectors and a prismatic light exit area enables wider casting ranges, meaning uniform light can be obtained using less luminaires. With its homogenous luminance, this system ensures dazzle-free light, while its asymmetrical light distribution makes Arca ideal for applications like residential roads, service roads, paths, parks or company premises. For light colours, light planners can choose between LEDs with 3000K or 4500K.

One system – a multitude of applications

Depending on requirements in the various application areas, Arca is available in a range system powers. For even greater efficiency and economy, DALI or 1-10V interfaces enable individual dimming or switching of the luminaire for precision light regulation via intelligent controls.

Arca: aesthetically and economically superior

The typical durability that has come to be associated with Selux is ensured by extremely tough materials such as pressure die-cast aluminium for the housing, safety glass for the luminaire trim and high-quality, powder-coated surfaces. The efficiency, maintenance-friendliness and price/performance ratio of the Arca will convince even the most economically minded of operators, while its light quality and timeless attractive design will ensure a high level of acceptance among users and other decision-makers. All this makes Arca by Selux an ideal system both for sustainable replacement of old lighting systems and long-term, economical lighting of newly planned urban or street areas.

March 2014

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