Tuesday 16 December 2014

Silver prize for Selux Lookbooks and Olivio configurator at the Annual Multimedia Awards 2015

At the Annual Multimedia Awards 2015, two digital applications by the Berlin luminaire manufacturer Selux were awarded the silver accolade - Selux Lookbooks in the Microsites category and the Olivio configurator in the Tools category. Developed in conjunction with the CDLX/Codeluxe design studio, both these applications are characterised by their intuitive, emotional handling of complex, technical product concepts.

20 years since it was first founded, the Annual Multimedia Awards have come to be regarded as a seal of quality in the world of digital advertising. Year after year, the award-winning projects serve to document the state of the art, highlight trends and act as important sources of inspiration for digital brand communication. The decision to award prizes to both the Selux Lookbooks and the Olivio Configurator, thereby officially designating them the status of groundbreaking digital projects, was reached in October 2014 following two days of deliberations by the jury.

Selux arranges its product in Lookbooks, a concept that originates from the world of fashion, these digital presentations summarise the highlights within the frequently complex product families in a way which captures the reader's attention. Special functions enable individual presentations to be created both quickly and simply, making them a particularly important tool for architects and light planners, as well as for the Selux sales team. A special visual language has been developed for the lookbooks, which emphasises the distinctive geometrical shape of the luminaire housings and shows products within their spatial context based on previously completed projects.

The Selux configurators provide assistance for planning purposes, with these online planning tools available for several Selux product ranges. The Olivio configurator, which has now been awarded the silver prize, represented a particular challenge for the developers. With more than 2000 possible variations, Olivio is one of the most complex families of exterior luminaires currently on the market. The challenge was to make it possible to discover all these possibilities in a way which was fun yet at the same time provided accurate information for professional lighting planners. With its intuitive drag and drop control, the Olivio configurator combines both these requirements in one professional tool.

The Selux international web presence has already been awarded several prizes in the past. In 2012 the Selux website, also designed in conjunction with CDLX/Codeluxe, was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2012 and the iF communication design award 2013 and also nominated for the “Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland” (Federal Republic of Germany Design Prize). "We regard this prize at the Annual Multimedia Awards 2015 as acknowledgement of our successful collaboration with Selux and our long-term digital strategy," explained Hugo Göldner, Managing Director and Design Manager at CDLX. Manuela Schnabel, Head of Marketing / Communication at Selux takes a similar view: "Revolutions in the world of lighting are reflected not just in our products but in our communications too, which we have aligned to the requirements of an increasingly digitalised and networked world."

December 2014


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