Friday 1 June 2018

Aira – Transparent design – visible technology

Their archetypal, reduced shape enables them to blend seamlessly and discretely into any environment yet the innovative manner in which they generate their light is clearly apparent. The new pole-top luminaires by Selux known as the Aira are available in a spherical or cylindrical shape and utilise the outstanding light engineering properties of Tritec modules.

The transparent diffusers, that appear to hover as a sphere or a cylinder around the pole-top of the Aira, are fastened particularly elegantly in the transparent material using a virtually invisible release method. There’s no missing their innovative technology however, with the striking aesthetics of Tritec modules brought to the fore by transparent PMMA diffusers. This minimalist design concept enables the new pole-top luminaires by Selux to be integrated in widely differing environments, from pedestrianised precincts to residential streets and parks as well as historical old towns or modern housing estates.

Tritec modules - lighting technology at heart yet with design features

The highly efficient LED lighting technology of Tritec modules turns the Aira into a versatile system of luminaires for public spaces that can be flexibly coordinated to the relevant application. Tritec modules combine prism ring lenses with hexagonally structured reflector cones for maximum anti-glare, offering a premium quality, independent look while generating a balanced, softly flowing light cone. Planners can choose from 360° beaming or an asymmetrical light distribution making the Aira just as suitable for the uniform lighting of open spaces as for supplementary lighting of footpaths or streets.

Flexible planning and applications

A further advantage of Tritec modules is their scalability. Airas, for instance, are equipped with one or two Tritec modules depending on luminous flux and illuminance requirements, covering a range from 1200 lm to 5400 lm. Aira Tritec modules by Selux are available in the light colours 3000 K and 4000 K depending on the nature of the environment and the desired light mood. With the Elo bollards and the Lif light columns, the Selux product range comprises two further product systems with Tritec modules that can be combined superbly with Aira pole-top luminaires. This enables consistent technical or design solutions to be developed for complex lighting projects in urban environments.

Quality product with an individual touch

Needless to say the Airas meet Selux’ high quality standards with regard to materials and design so that users can expect the usual reliable economical operation of luminaires in the long term as well as acting as design elements in public spaces. The luminaires are optionally available for pole-tops with a diameter of 60 or 76 mm while switchable and dimmable operating devices for Tritec modules can be provided on request via the DALI interface. This enables light to be controlled individually and precisely on a needs basis for added savings on energy.

In addition the Aira offers further options for customization, for example by incorporating a particular municipal look or corporate design concepts. Pole and pole attachment are available in Selux Graphite colours or special finish, while the transparent luminaire diffusers can also be designed to include individual graphics by means of prints. The Aira by Selux therefore assists planners, constructors and municipal decision makers in the future-reliable and distinctive design of public spaces with lighting.

June 2018

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