Friday 21 July 2017

A symbol of innovation and new ideas - Leuphana University

Extension to Leuphana University campus in Lunenburg – new main building

Following ten years of planning and construction, the new main building at Leuphana University in Lunenburg was opened in a ceremony on 11th March 2017. Designed according to plans by the architect Daniel Libeskind, the spectacular construction projects expressively and confidently into the skyline above the Lunenburg Heath. Light for the entrance hall and for many of the traffic-calmed zones, research and seminar rooms is provided by flexible LED pendant and recessed luminaires from the Selux M Series in different lengths that are equipped with various added extras.

The building’s shiny exterior shell – clad, like the Jewish Museum in Berlin in titanium/zinc panels – incorporates numerous diagonals and unusual shaped windows, all hallmarks of Daniel Libeskind’s typical architectural style and very much in evidence at the new Lunenburg University main building. The diagonals are a symbolic reference to the history of the location since the campus is located on the grounds of a barracks that was built in the 1930s, which was characterised by a highly orthogonal structure. The 37-metre high new building has a total net floor area of 13,000 square metres, around half of which is taken up by the research centre. In addition it accommodates a students’ union with cafeteria and offices, a seminar centres with various workshop and seminar rooms and an event centre, which provides space for up to 2,500 visitors 1,100 of these in the ‘Libeskind Auditorium’.

For his work Libeskind, who from 2007-2016 worked at the Leuphana as a part-time professor, ensured the wishes and ideas of this most important user group were incorporated into the development. “I allowed myself to be inspired by the spirit of this university for the new main building at the Leuphana,” explained Mr Libeskind at its opening, continuing: “My own experience of the Leuphana is as a hotbed of new ideas, innovation, research and development. The new building is therefore infused with elements of this type.” And Leuphana President Sascha Spoun backed this up in his commemorative speech: “It would have been negligent and wrong for the Leuphana to erect a main building that conforms to the familiar and that is suggestive of simplicity. It would have been negligent because it is our conviction that architecture has an influence on the way we conduct learning and research. The objective of the learning model at the Leuphana is to communicate profundity and diversity in the various disciplines regardless of what students are actually studying. It is designed to understand new directions, errors and contingency as opportunities for shaping the future rather than to understand these as a threat to whatever anybody might they are entitled to.”

What is the best way to optimally illuminate the architecture of a building of this type with its highly complex room structures? The architectural language of Daniel Libeskind was already very familiar to our engineers, who gained their initial experiences in 1999 during the new construction of the Jewish museum in Berlin. At the new Leuphana main building the light planners have opted, in extensive areas of the building complex, for luminaires from the modular M Series in profile widths of 60 mm and 100 mm. These have been deployed in various lengths – from 40 cm to 24 metres – equipped with various extras like LED spots, tracks and security lights. Be it as a pendant or recessed luminaire, an individual luminaire or linear light fixture – the reserved, linear lighting solution ideally complements the minimalist architecture while at the same time ensuring pleasant glareless light.

In the spacious atrium – dynamically criss-crossed by staircases and bridges – the Selux M Series provides an outstanding light quality with greater efficiency, even at great heights. The special feature of the linear light fixtures is the diagonal end brackets, which are aligned parallel to the wall. To reduce direct and indirect glare, the luminaires are equipped with a special lens optic system with microprisms concealed behind an acrylic diffuser. With their pointcast light, the spots built into the luminaire profile fitted with LED lamps provide further lighting design accents, while the luminaire’s functionality is supplemented by the full range of integrated optional extras such as 3-phase tracks, smoke detectors, DALI light control, presence and motion sensors and security lighting, enabling each individual lighting solution to be precisely geared to the relevant room situation and use. Overall around 2,500 running metres of linear light fixtures are installed in various lengths, ensuring glareless general lighting in public spaces, corridors and seminar rooms.

Project: Main building of Leuphana University, Lunenburg
Customer: University of Lunenburg foundation
Design: Prof. Daniel Libeskind
Architect: rw+ Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH
Light planner: Studio Dinnebier, Berlin
Electrical planning: Emutec GmbH, Norderstedt
Electrical installation: R+S solutions GmbH, Lübeck
Product: M100 LED recessed luminaires with support bracket in a linear light fixture arrangement M60 and M100 LED pendant luminaires as single luminaires and linear light fixtures
Completion: 2017
Photograph: Till Schuster

July 2017

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