Tuesday 28 June 2011

Semperlux AG: Change of generations and new focus

Udo Bansbach moves from the board of directors to the supervisory board.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Marx retires from the supervisory board.
Semperlux continues to push product innovation and internationalization.

Berlin, 28th June 2011 – After 36 years, Udo Bansbach, member of the board of directors of Semperlux AG, has retired from the operative business. Mr. Bansbach joined the supervisory board of the Berlin based lighting specialist starting July 1st 2011. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Marx, who has been with Semperlux for many years, started his well earned retirement as per the same date. The new supervisory board will continue to support advances in product innovation and internationalization.
Semperlux was founded by the father of the present owners, Hermann Bansbach, during the German post-war years. Udo Bansbach and his older brother Armin Bansbach, with the help of many long term employees, grew Semperlux into an internationally operating company. Mr. Udo Bansbach, as a member of the board of directors since 1997, worked to assure continuity and stability of the family owned company. A visionary spirit with great passion, Udo Bansbach was very influential in the drive towards international competence and insight of the Semperlux group.

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