Friday 11 March 2016

M60 Connect

A new addi­tion to the mod­u­lar M-family

With its mod­u­lar struc­ture com­pris­ing bear­ing pro­files and light inserts, the M-Family by Selux enables cus­tomised light­ing solu­tions – even on the largest scale. Now Selux is adding a new prod­uct line with vari­able module inserts to its tried-and-tested M-Family series. Avail­able as a pen­dant, sur­face-mounted or recessed light strip, the M60 Con­nect enables both gen­eral and accent light­ing to be inte­grated into the same pro­file – even for use in offices.

Get inspired with our M60 Con­nect Look­book

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