Thursday 25 September 2014

The digitalisation of light – Licht Plus in Berlin

The theme of the ‘Licht Plus’ event on the 25th September was "The digitalisation of light". For many, apps on smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of both professional life and free-time activities. In the area of lighting too, numerous electronic aids are available that provide extra convenience while at the same time saving users energy and costs. Unfortunately however, users often fail to take advantage of them. In their speeches, the guest speakers dealt with, among other things, the reasons behind the so far somewhat restrained reception with respect to the digitalisation of light and also focused on the outlooks for digital control. Dr. Thomas Knoop talked about "Networked Light – A Technology in Search of an Application" while the light planner Hauke Giesecke demonstrated the opportunities and risks of practice-oriented light control. As an expert in Interaction Design, Prof. Stefan Wölwer looked at the issue of the design of networks. Following the speeches, there was a chance for the around 130 guests to exchange their ideas and thoughts on the event.

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