Sunday 30 March 2014


Qua­dratic, purist, ver­sa­tile.

Clear con­tours reduced to the extrem­i­ties in a hov­er­ing, flat body of pure light. The Kju family enable this vision of a modern archi­tec­ture-based lumi­naire to be realised. Char­ac­terised by a min­i­mal con­struc­tion height of just 33 mm and its illu­mi­nated sides, the man­i­fold mount­ing and arrange­ment options of Kju are designed to inspire cre­ative light­ing solu­tions via a con­sis­tent aes­thetic. Opti­mum visual com­fort – includ­ing for work­sta­tions — is ensured by pre­mium qual­ity light­ing tech­nol­ogy.

Have a look on our new Kju Look­book includ­ing Kju Circle.

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