Monday 5 October 2015

Associated Member of the Connected Lighting Alliance (CLA)

In September 2015 Selux became an associated member of the Connected Lighting Alliance.

The CLA was founded in 2012 by leading companies in the lighting industry with the goal of promoting the global introduction and development of wireless lighting solutions using open standards. As a non-profit-organisation and an open consor¬tium, the Alliance analyses market requirements for professional lighting applications and identifies standardisation organisations for collaboration purposes.

As a company that responds quickly to changes in technology and the markets, Selux wishes to be closely involved with technology changes and the development of global standards. Being a member of the Connected Lighting Alliance will offer Selux the chance to do this. "For years now, three trends have defined our life and work: digitalisation, dematerialisation and networking. Markets are increasingly converging and technologies merging," explains Selux Technical Director Jürgen Hess. The best examples of this, in his view, are Apple and Google. Their technologies have already seen off many products made by conventional manufacturers and will continue to do so. "Our wish is to anticipate this development by building innovative products that are conform to global standards so we can offer our customers additional functionalities that go beyond the scope of standard lighting tasks."

The knowledge we gain shall be the basis for pro¬duct developments and strategic company ma¬nagement. As a CLA member, Selux will be at the forefront of digitalization in the lighting industry.

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