• 2016

    Selux plant in Zachow is celebrating its 25th anniversary — 

    Selux production plant in Zachow / Ketzin is celebrating its 25th anniversary

  • 2016

    Lif multifunctional light column — 

    Selux launches a new generation of lighting technology - multifunctional urban lighting featuring Wifi, facade and accent lighting, cameras and loudspeakers. The light column Lif provides 19 different horizontal and vertical light distributions. Details

  • 2016

    Tritec Optic as a LED upgrade for existing luminaires — 

    Selux develops a new optics system consisting of combined prism and reflector optics. The Tritec Optic provides intensive highlights, a high-quality look, and concise visual aesthetics. It is used in the newest products such as Lif or as a retrofit for existing lighting installations. Details

  • 2016

    Loop as the first circle luminaire for office lighting — 

    Selux develops the first office-compatible circular luminaire: The Loop is an elegant alternative to conventionally-shaped luminaires. With its two light distributions and five assembly versions, the Loop is suitable for diverse architectural applications. Details

  • 2016

    Innovation at the Light and Building 2016 — 

    Selux presents the new generation of lighting technology: the first multifunctional light column Lif for intelligent urban lighting, the Tritec Optic - a unique combined prism and reflector optics, the first circular luminaire for office lighting Loop and others. Details

  • 2016

    Expo 2016 in Antalya Turkey illuminated by Selux — 

    Selux provides 1,800 LED luminaires for the first EXPO world exhibition in Turkey. Under the title “Flowers and Children” the EXPO 2016 highlights the importance of green cities. The sustainable lighting technology by Selux reinforces the green city idea. Read more

  • 2015

    New Port Promenade Hamburg — 

    Selux provides lighting technology for the illumination of the new promenade in the Port of Hamburg. The architectural design stems from the London office of Zaha Hadid. The lighting design is by Schlotfeldt Licht. Project details

  • 2015

    Selux - Annual Multimedia 2015

    Silver prize at the Annual Multimedia Awards 2015 — 

    Two digital applications by Selux were awarded the silver accolade - Selux Lookbooks in the Microsites category and the Olivio configurator in the Tools category.
    Selux Lookbooks
    Olivio Configurator

  • 2014

    Selux Olivio Configurator

    Selux launches the Olivio Configurator — 

    The new online planning tool guides users in just a few steps through the all possible variations of the product and enables light designers to create their own personalised luminaire designs easily and reliably. Olivio Configurator

  • 2014

    Selux - Kju Family

    The Kju family of modular LED luminaires — 

    Clear contours reduced to the extremities in a hovering, flat body of pure light. Selux launched a new family of modern architecture-based luminaires. Kju Family

  • 2013

    Selux USA celebrates its 30th anniversary — 

    Selux Corporation in the USA is celebrating 30 years as a design-oriented, innovative company for architectural interior and exterior luminaires.

  • 2013

    Selux goes Italy — 

    Selux opened an office in Italy on the 1st March 2013. The branch is located in the Blend Tower in Milan,and managing director and founding partner at Selux S.r.l. will be Mr Elio Joseph Page. Joe Page can look back on many long years of experience in the lighting industry.

  • 2013

    Selux France celebrates its 25th anniversary — 

    Selux S.A.S. has been successfully operational on the French market as a manufacturer of innovative exterior luminaires for 25 years now.

  • 2013

    Next Generation Luminaires: design prize for M36 wallwasher — 

    The Next Generation Lumen Award 2013 has been awarded to the M36 wallwasher. The M36 wallwasher, which uses LMO technology, is characterised by its minimised distances between wall and luminaire and an extremely high uniformity of illuminance. A light distance of just 0.4 m is required for lighting a 3m high wall for instance. M36

  • 2013

    New online planning tool: M-Modular LED configurator — 

    The new online tool allows planners to create individual configurations in just a few minutes: With the M-Modular LED Configurator they get a full creative freedom and can design linear luminaires, rectangular or quadratic light structures or L, U and Z-shaped configurations. To the configurator

  • 2012

    Semperlux becomes Selux — 

    The old name Semperlux AG is changed to Selux AG. New development series: "Efficient Design" and "Kinetic Luminaires".

    Selux Cross Beam Technology (CBT) and Light-Modulating Optics (LMO technology) are developed for precise and efficient LED light guidance in interior and exterior lighting. Manta Rhei, an OLED-based luminaire, is the result of a preliminary study of kinetic luminaires and a joint project by Selux and ART+COM.

  • 2012

    Selux website wins iF communication design award — 

    The Selux website has been aligned to the requirements of an increasingly digitalised and networked world. Consistently reduced to the essentials, the new Selux internet presence acts as a central contact point for professional designers. For above all it offers tools that will lead users quickly to specific data on all Selux products and variants. News

  • 2012

    Next Generation Luminaires: design prizes for the M100 LED and M60 LED — 

    The jury at the “Next Generation Luminaires Solid-State Lighting Design Competition” in the USA has honoured two luminaires from the Selux M series. The M100 LED and M60 LED received the awards in the categories “Recessed Linear Lighting" and "Linear Pendant Lighting" at Lightfair in Las Vegas. The jury was impressed both by the slim, elegant design of the luminaire profiles and by characteristics such as efficient light distribution and maintenance friendliness. M60 and M100

  • 2012

    Selux Cross Beam technology. Efficient light guidance for outdoor areas — 

    Selux has registered a new type of optics system - the Selux Cross Beam Technology (CBT) that ensures homogenous lighting of traffic areas or squares by means of precise LED light guidance. The combination of large, freeform reflector surfaces and precisely aligned LED clusters ensures a high degree of optical efficiency. The inclining LEDs in the main direction of light ensure optimal usage of the direct light portion. The CBT is featured in the Avanza luminaires. Avanza

  • 2012

    LMO technology. Innovative light guidance for interior areas — 

    Selux has developed a special form of light guidance for the new M36 system, the so called Light Modulating Optics (LMO-Technology). These satin-finish optics made from solid profiles enable superior precision light guidance and ensure a uniform appearance of the light exit area. The precision cross sections are designed for a wide range of lighting tasks and guarantee maximum efficiency. M36

  • 2009

    Good Design Award 2008 — 

    NEO was awarded the Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award 2008 in the category “lighting”. — Lighting for the sports car icon
    Semperlux provided the lighting for the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

  • 2008

    60 Years Light. Ideas. Systems. — 

    The 60th anniversary of Semperlux AG: 2008 sees the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Berlin-based lighting manufacturer Semperlux AG. — Opening of the new Selux-Luminaries-Park. — LIGHTING CULTURE 2008 - Presenting the new Selux product catalogues for interior and exterior lighting.

  • 2007

    Granting Patent for Constant Luminance Technology (CLT) — 

    Successfully contracted the canal luminairie modernisation project for the city of Amsterdam. — Outdoor Vision - Selux Design Competition for students of the University of Arts Berlin (UdK).

  • 2006

    Berlin Central Station — 

    For the whole project 54 different light solutions were newly developed to put light in scene. Satin lines of light for commercial areas, wall fittings for the façade, the panoramic lifts are lit by sectors of circular fittings. The Stalactite fitting made of Duran glass cylinders creates a celebration area for incoming trains. Further functional fittings were supplied for stairwells, corridors and the parking.

  • 2004

    Company chronicles published. — 

    In the book "Berlin beleuchtet", the industrial designer Sabine Röck describes 50 years of the Semperlux family-run business that is closely intertwined with the Berlin's history . A large number of Selux products have already become classics. Thus, the book documents a history of lighting fixtures as well as the economic growth of the German capital. ISBN 3-936962-04-9

  • 2003

    Track goes digital: new potential for lighting design — 

    EUTRAC | Dali means that track lighting can now be integrated into professional lighting control schemes. The intelligent track opens up new perspectives for creative lighting concepts. Display lighting for shops, trade show stands and events, appropriate lighting solutions for museums and exhibition spaces or modern lighting control for individual applications in the office environment – EUTRAC | Dali promotes imaginative, interactive design. It is a tool that allows the designer to create different spatial environments. www.eutrac.de

  • 2002

    The RGB pendant luminaire wins the FX International Interior Design Award — 

    In the category "Best Office Lighting". — SELUX (CH) AG is founded: like many of the Semperlux AG subsidiaries, SELUX (CH) AG is an independent company with its own managerial staff. This corporate philosophy gives SELUX (CH) AG the liberty to address the specific demands of the Swiss market.

  • 2001

    Selux luminaires in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin — 

    The "Nalbach luminaire" becomes a permanent exhibit in the "Power - Electricity - Light" exhibition in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin - after 20 years it has become a real design classic! — On 1. July, 2001 Armin Bansbach retires at the age of 67 and leaves the Board of Semperlux AG. He is still active as the managing partner of the sole shareholder, Hermann-Bansbach GmbH & Co. KG.

  • 2000

    Arthelio: the combined use of daylight and artificial light in a light pipe system — 

    The TU Berlin (Technical University, Institute of Electronics and Lighting Engineering, Professor Dr. Kaase and Dr. Rosemann) collaborate with Semperlux AG to develop a lighting system based on a hollow light guide. Daylight and artificial light provided by a sulphur lamp are fed into the light pipe, the aim being to reduce energy consumption and enhance user comfort. The Arthelio prototype provides until today energy-efficient lighting in the Selux Headquarter in Berlin. — Semperlux receives the Berlin Environment Award. — Changes on the Executive Board: In 2000, Ulrich Misgeld takes over as Financial Manager of Semperlux.

  • 1999

    1000 OVALIS-luminaires for the Millenium Dome in London — 

    London in all its finery at the turn of the millennium - the grounds of the Millennium Dome, which was designed by Richard Rogers, are lit by almost 1000 OVALIS luminaires. Discreet and modern in their design, they provide attractive and adequate lighting of the park area around the Dome. — Street lighting from the Berlin Zoo to the Nordic Embassies to the headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) using URBI 1 luminaires (Design: Professor Gernot Nalbach).

  • 1998

    50 Light years in our time — 

    The first half of the century of lighting planning and design has raced by at the speed of light for Semperlux. The name Semperlux - always light - has been an integral part of the corporate concept from the start: with the battery charger developed by company founder Hermann Bansbach lights were kept burning in the city, even when there were power cuts during the Berlin blockade.
    Since that time Semperlux staff have continued to apply their passionate interest in good lighting to come up with a wide range of lighting innovations. Alongside fully developed standard solutions Semperlux today offers integrated and individual lighting systems through their Corporate Lighting division. Their service includes consulting, planning and realisation. All over the world. 1998 Ludwig-Erhard-House — The modern design of the Silhouette luminaire lends the Ludwig Erhard House in Berlin a synthesis of architecture and economic efficiency emanating the radiant character of the house with the stock exchange outside the building.

  • 1997

    City lighting for Atlantic City — 

    URBI is installed in downtown Atlantic City, on the Elbe Bridge in Magdeburg and in the outlying areas at the Amsterdam stadium. — Semperlux GmbH merges with Selux Holding AG to become Semperlux Aktiengesellschaft - Lichttechnische Werke - At the same time the main plant in Berlin becomes a public limited company and the parent company with over 15 subsidiaries in and outside Germany.

  • 1996

    Frankfurt Station — 

    Over 4500 metres of specially developed linear lighting systems are installed above over 13 Intercity platforms at Frankfurt/M. main station for the Deutsche Bahn AG.

  • 1995

    New manufacture for exterior luminaires — 

    a new plant for exterior luminaires was built in Zachow (30 km from Berlin), providing over 7000 sq.m. for the manufacture of street lanterns and outdoor fittings.

  • 1994

    Kirchsteigfeld in Potsdam — 

    In Kirchsteigfeld in Potsdam, the largest city building project in the 'new German states', the client opted for luminaires and street lanterns from se'lux's URBI urban lighting range.

  • 1993

    URBI at Frankfurt/a. M., Dessau, London and Grenoble — 

    The URBI urban lighting system, which has already become a fast-selling line, is installed on Lower Main Bridge in Frankfurt/M, in a number of streets in Dessau, in Oxford Street in London and in Grenoble.

  • 1992

    German Art and Exhibition Center in Bonn — 

    The high degree of innovation inherent to the Semperlux INTERIOR range becomes apparent when equipping the German Art and Exhibition Center in Bonn with a custom designed computer-controlled lighting system (in collaboration with Lichtplan/ Lichtdesign, Cologne).

  • 1991

    SCHUPMANN street lantern at the Brandenburg Gate — 

    The historical Schupmann street lantern is erected all round the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. In 1991 together with the TFH Berlin (Prof. Dr. Marx/ Prof. Dr. Karstädt) Semperlux receives the Berlin Environment Award for the development of a dimmable, high-frequency operation electronic ballast for fluorescent lamps.

  • 1988

    EUTRAC — 

    Semperlux founds a subsidiary, EUTRAC® Stromschienen GmbH & Co., whose main task lies the development and manufacture of tracks, track systems and adapters. In 1990 the Citylights range of spots is developed to complement the EUTRAC range of interior fittings. This marks the beginning of a new product line: "LIGHTS & TRACKS". registered trademark of the Semperlux Aktiengesellschaft.

  • 1987

    Cube de la Défense, Paris — 

    Practically a new landmark in France: the 'Cube de la Défense' in Paris. All offices and public areas are lit with Tubular Lighting System 90, a total of 8000 metres.

  • 1986

    NEON-systems and SATURN-range — 

    The NEON systems are developed for the interior lighting sector. — The trend-setting SATURN range is designed for the exterior lighting sector.

  • 1984

    Lighting Kurfürstendamms in Berlin — 

    1984 SELUX is assigned by the governing body in Berlin to re-design the lighting for Berlin's Kurfürstendamm using HARDENBERG historical street lanterns, now a well-known feature of one of Berlin's most popular streets.

    1985 Airports Cairo and Djakarta Word of Semperlux competence in the field of airport lighting has spread: The airports in Cairo and in Djakarta are added to the list. Even the Dutch queen enjoys the golden glow of Selux. Residential fittings and tubular lighting systems adorn her castle in The Hague.

  • 1982

    1983 Semperlux Marienfelde — 

    Semperlux moves into a new manufacturing plant in Berlin-Marienfelde; usable area: 18,000 sq.m. The number of employees rises to 190. A further component is added to the interior range: non-glare lighting for computer workstations.

  • 1975

    Luminaires made of aluminium extrusions — 

    1975 the company moves into the innovative interior lighting sector with a new range of high-quality mirror profile luminaires made of extruded aluminium. The Berlin universities, the Prussian Foundation Museums (Berlin) and the Landeszentralbank in Hamburg start to install Semperlux luminaires.

  • 1965

    Polycarbonate globes as a novelty in Europe — 

    1965 Semperlux are the first European company to develop a decorative range of exterior luminaires based on polycarbonate globes. — 1972 the Olympic Games took place in Munich: Semperlux supplies polycarbonate globe exterior luminaires for the gardens. — 1976 sees polycarbonate globe exterior luminaires lighting the forecourts at Sydney Opera House, Australia.

  • 1950

    Wooden luminaires, multiple-stem lusters, linear fluorescent diffusers and louvre luminaires — 

    The company continues to expand in the fifties thanks to a number of innovative ideas. Following various wooden luminaires for fluorescent lamps the first multiple-stem lusters made of brass and aluminium are produced in 1951. Linear fluorescent diffusers made of glass (1954) and louvre luminaires (1955) complete the range. 1955 saw the development of punched metal louvres for the production of diffusers.

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