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Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • project Osthafenbrücke
  • client City Frankfurt a.M.
  • buyer Max Bögl Bauservice GmbH & Co.KG
  • architect Ferdinand Heide
  • lighting designer SRM Straßenbeleuchtung Rhein-Main GmbH
  • electrical planning SRM Straßenbeleuchtung Rhein-Main GmbH
  • electrical installation SAG GmbH
  • photographer Tom Wolf Photografie

The Osthafen­brücke bridge in Frank­furt was part of the devel­op­ment of the large market square that is also the site of the Euro­pean Cen­tral Bank (ECB). Built accord­ing to a pro­posal by the archi­tect Fer­di­nand Heide, the steel arch bridge has a sup­port­ing width of 175 metres and an arch height of around 25 metres. Three traf­fic lanes and two com­bined foot­paths and cycle paths run across the bridge. A par­tic­u­lar fea­ture of the light­ing solu­tion is that the bridge is free of poles and this is realised using HIT flood­lights inte­grated into the arches.

For this spe­cial con­struc­tion, Selux Vector light­ing tech­nol­ogy sur­rounded by a metal casing has been used. The bridge is illu­mi­nated from the sides via single light chan­nel located in the para­pet between the road­way and the foot­path, into which mod­i­fied stan­dard 144 x 950 Initio lumi­naires have been installed to illu­mi­nate the arch con­struc­tion. Before and after the bridge, light­ing is con­tin­ued using Selux Vector lumi­naires.

  • Initio is a linear LED floodlight designed for the illumination of facades and to highlight specific architectural features, with it’s narrow beam light distribution onto walls avoiding unnecessary light pollution. Two mounting brackets ensure ease of installation and adjustment of the luminaire makes Initio an ideal lighting tool.
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