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Gunwharf Quays
Portsmouth, Great Britain

  • project Gunwharf Quays Designer Outlet
  • landscape architect HGP architects
  • design West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
  • photographer Tom Niven, Amphitype
  • Representation Selux UK

Gun­wharf Quays is one of the largest designer outlet cen­tres in the south of Eng­land and is located in the heart of Portsmouth, right by the har­bour. As well as over 90 stores and more than 30 restau­rants, it also houses a cinema com­plex, a bowl­ing alley and an art gallery. The his­toric sur­round­ings of the har­bour, includ­ing the National Museum of the Royal Navy, also make it centre a pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion for tourists. This bustling loca­tion was recently fitted with accent light­ing using Olivio Sis­tema lumi­naires.

Portsmouth is famous for its mar­itime his­tory – Richard I built a dock here for royal gal­leys as far back as the 12th cen­tury. Around 1500, it became the site of Portsmouth’s defence works and, in the 17th cen­tury, Gun­wharf was used for the main arse­nal. In 1923 the site was taken over by the Royal Marines, for whom it served as a base until 1986. After the Royal Marines left, it was taken over by Portsmouth City Coun­cil, who decided to use it to enhance the attrac­tive­ness of the city, thereby increas­ing the number of vis­i­tors. The goal was to mod­ernise the city centre and open up the sea front to the public, cre­at­ing jobs in the process.

During the con­struc­tion of the centre, which was planned by HGP archi­tects, new bench­marks were set for ecol­ogy. Gun­wharf Quays is pow­ered by one of the largest solar cells sur­face areas in Europe and has its own recy­cling centre. For illu­mi­na­tion of the foot­paths and the spa­cious squares around the shop­ping centre, the light­ing plan­ners at BDP have chosen Olivio Medio lumi­naires. Using Sis­tema 1 arms, sev­eral Olivio Medio lumi­naires have been arranged around tapered steel poles at angles of between 0° and 360° ensur­ing opti­mal light dis­tri­b­u­tion at this pop­u­lar loca­tion.

  • The distinctive Olivio family is a modern, striking, multifunctional urban lighting system, available in three different sizes with interchangeable reflectors for street and accent lighting applications. This flexible lighting system can be equipped with optical accessories such as honeycomb and ring louvres, coloured and elongation lenses offering further effects and control. Olivio Sistema, Candelabra and Floracion poles and brackets provide total freedom of design and flexible planning.
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