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The Old Port of Marseille
Marseille, France

  • Projekt Alter Hafen Marseille
  • Kunde MPM Marseille Provence Métropole
  • Architekt Foster and Partners / Tangram architects
  • Landschaftsarchitekt Michel Desvigne
  • Elektrotechnik Ingérop Conseil et Ingénierie
  • Elektroinstallation Citeos / Cegelec
  • Fotograf Xavier Boymond

As the Euro­pean Capi­tal of Cul­ture 2013, Mar­seille has invested around 660 mil­lion euros in the deve­lop­ment of a new cul­tu­ral infra­struc­ture and has made some las­ting chan­ges to the image of the city. Traf­fic-redu­cing mea­su­res have been intro­du­ced in the Old Port, the heart of the old city centre, which has now become a place for people to stroll and enjoy the sur­roun­dings and views. The idea for the light­ing stems from Yann Ker­salé. Selux have deve­lo­ped and rea­li­sed a tech­ni­cally highly sophi­s­ti­ca­ted light­ing solu­tion.

The place where the Greeks cast anchor and foun­ded their colony Mas­sa­lia” 2600 years ago has become an invit­ing urban space that has recently under­gone con­sidera­ble reno­va­tion. Land­scape archi­tect Michel Des­vi­gne toge­ther with teams from Foster + Part­ners / Tang­ram Archi­tects have com­ple­tely rede­si­gned the entire 100,000 square metre area. What had once been a quaint old port area had turned into a major traf­fic inter­sec­tion with mul­ti­ple lanes, and was cer­tainly not attrac­ting people to use the loca­tion as a lei­sure spot any more. The ring road around the har­bour has been scaled back, the dock area trans­for­med into a large square for pede­strian and events, and a moder­nist shel­ter from the sun that goes by the name of Ombrière” added. Spen­cer de Gray, Head of Design at Foster + Part­ners in London, descri­bes the pro­jects as an invi­ta­tion to the people of Mar­seille to again stage and enjoy events, mar­kets and fes­ti­vals in this grand space”.

The light­ing con­cept deve­lo­ped by Yann Ker­salé lends the space a new dimen­sion. Seven­teen 16.5 metre and eight 23.5 metre high custom desi­gned Olivio pole-top design lumi­nai­res struc­ture the space and at the same time illu­mi­nate the exten­sive pro­me­nade area right up to the water’s edge. The ultra-tall slim­line poles trig­ger asso­cia­ti­ons with the masts on sai­ling ships. The lumi­nai­res are equip­ped with 90 Watt or 140 Watt Cos­mo­po­lis lamps and arran­ged spi­rally around the upper sec­tions of the poles in dif­fe­rent sized groups. Their natu­ral, orga­nic design pro­vi­des a subtle con­trast to the geo­metric layout of the pede­strian square.

A major com­po­nent of Yann Kersalé’s light­ing design are the 2.5 metre high “LED Skins”: ultra-flat, reflec­tive stain­less steel hou­sings with laser-cut designs, and equip­ped with RGB LEDs. These clad the eight large poles in the centre of the port area, simi­lar to the bark on tree trunks. The resul­ting, amor­phous loo­king sur­faces can be used as LED screens for dis­play­ing video art crea­ted espe­cially for this loca­tion by the artist him­s­elf. Dif­fe­rent videos are shown depen­ding on the time of year or the spe­ci­fic occa­sion. Images and pat­terns in light that evoke asso­cia­ti­ons to flo­wing water under­s­core the intri­cate link bet­ween city and sea – and reflect the cen­tu­ries-old his­tory of the citi­zens of Mar­seille and how they con­nect to the Medi­ter­ra­nean.

  • Das organische Design von Olivio, aber auch die funktionale Vielfalt durch den modularen Aufbau dieser Leuchtenfamilie ist von Vorbildern aus der Natur inspiriert. So bildet Olivio die Basis für Lichtkonzepte in urbanen Lebensräumen, bei denen das Wohlbefinden der Menschen im Mittel­punkt steht. Die Olivio Leuchtenköpfe sind in den drei Baugrößen Grande, Medio und Piccolo verfügbar und können mit unterschiedlichen Aus­legern und Masttypen aus den drei Designlinien Sistema, Floracion und Candelabra kombiniert werden. Aber nicht nur das Design lässt sich indi­viduell und situationsgerecht anpassen. Unter­schiedliche Optiken und Lichtfarben von 2700 K bis 4000 K lösen auch anspruchsvolle Beleuch­tungsaufgaben effizient und blendfrei: Von der Wege­ und Platzbeleuchtung über die Flächen­anstrahlung bis zur Akzentuierung von Objekten. Die neue Olivio Cap reduziert zusätzlich Streulicht. Bei besonderen Anforderungen, integriert sich Olivio mit ihren Kamera­ und Lautsprecher modulen in smarte Anwendungsszenarien. Die besondere Ästhetik von Holzmasten unter­streicht das hochwertige, organische Leuchten­design von Olivio. In Verbindung mit einer harmonischen Farbgebung der Leuchtenköpfe zum Beispiel in Bronze ergibt sich ein zeitlos behagliches Raumambiente.

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